iCarez specializes in making high quality screen protectors for your mobile lifestyle. With over 10 million users of iCarez screen protectors, I had a great reason to buy a iCarez screen protector for my Nexus 6P. And for only $8 (now $6), I wasn’t let down in any way.

The Good:

  • Easy Application
  • High Quality
  • Precise Cutouts

The Bad:

  • Uhh…

Inside the Box

The screen protector comes packaged a simple, small box. Inside is the screen protector, a moist cleaning cloth, a dry cleaning cloth, and some dust removal stickers. There are instructions printed on the box about how to apply it, but it is recommended to view the online videos to fully understand the process.


The application process of this screen protector is one of the best experiences I’ve had to date! What made it great is pretty simple: iCarez includes, on the top protective layer of the screen protector, two tabs that stick out on the top and bottom. These tabs allow you to align and apply the screen protector much easier than without them. While it may seem like a small thing, these made a world of difference for me.

However, you do have to be mindful when applying this. When I first got it, I misunderstood the screen protector layers and applied the screen protector when the screen wasn’t quite fully clean. Thankfully, the great people at iCarez customer support were quick to assist me and send a replacement my way. After this minor hiccup, things have been smooth sailing.

Once I got it successfully applied, I was good to go. There were no bubbles or any peeling corners, making it one of the best applications I’ve done to date. The cutouts on the screen protector are quite precise, and they go around all the openings on the front, instead of leaving open areas. I am quite pleased about this, as it offers maximum protection for the screen, instead of leaving even a little bit exposed to the harsh world of damaging elements.


Now, I’ve been using this screen protector for about three weeks. And during these three weeks of daily usage, there have been no issues. I’ve slid my phone around my desk on the screen, and there are no scratches on it. Even when I dropped my Nexus 6P screen down (with a Spigen case, of course) on a laminate floor, no damage was sustained to anything. This is a very strong screen protector, and whenever I pick up my Nexus it feels protected and durable. One small thing I enjoy is that when I clean my phone, the oleophobic coating doesn’t leave any smudges, unlike less superior options. The adhesion on this screen protector, after weeks of usage, is on-point. I haven’t faced any issues with my overall experience!

Final Thoughts

My final thoughts on this? Absolutely positive. I love how nice tempered glass feels and looks, and iCarez products are no exception. If you don’t already have a screen protector for your Nexus 6P, I highly recommend that you choose iCarez for your next (or first!) tempered glass screen protector. Even if you run into issues, their great customer support team is sure to help you out and get you set up properly. Go check out their products and treat yourself to some tempered glass!

iCarez on the Nexus 6P