• Good grip
  • Protective lip
  • Durable
  • Cutouts all line up
  • Not bulky


  • Wouldn’t offer much protection from drops

The RedShield case comes in a sealed pouch, and inside the case is in a plastic bag. It’s clear and while it’s flexible it feels pretty stiff. It goes on the phone easily enough and has a lip on the front to help protect the glass when you place it face down.

The cut out for the camera lines up perfectly and doesn’t block the laser focus. As does the one for the fingerprint scanner, so you’ll have no troubles using either.

You also have plenty of space around the headphone jack on the top and the USB C port on the bottom. It is completely clear except for one piece of branding the lower corner which says DGtle. The buttons are covered and instead of 2 buttons it has it split up into three. Even though it’s different from the button layout on the phone. It doesn’t offer any difference in real world use, just a cosmetic change.

This is a pretty nice case, and it’s a bit thicker than other clear TPU cases I’ve tried. While not as slim it doesn’t really add much bulk and provides a nice grip. Cases like these won’t offer a lot of protection if you drop your phone. However if all you want is to add some grip and to protect from scratches they are great. If you like what you see you can order it from Amazon from the link below.