Easy Touch is an great assistant tool app for your Android devices. It is fast, simple to use and is on the Google Play Store for FREE! You have a floating panel on the screen that you can easily navigate on your phone. It helps you to get to your favorite apps, games, settings, and your notifications. This app will help you worry less of reaching for your home screen buttons. It will reduce the hardware consumption that prolongs the battery life.

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Notification bar:
Get all of your important messages and don’t miss out on any updated notifications again.

Screen lock:
Quickly lock your phone screen to protect your privacy and data

Memory Clean:
Clean your phone memory to boost your phone speed

It has colorful themes designed only for you and there will always be new designs added to the list

Quick settings:
Access your Android phone quickly to your favorite items

Easy switches:
one swype to turning on and off your APN, wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, built-in flash lights, or brightness and volume settings

This app has been recently updated to the all new Material Design. It is now optimized to have an effective experience. This app will give One Touch for Everything! Try it out for yourself and see.