AT&T is making it easier for connected car manufacturers to integrate apps from top companies. The company announced five new applications at CES 2015 today that will be available for auto manufacturers to use in their upcoming cars via the AT&T Drive platform. The apps can provide drivers with a wide range of services including remote diagnostics, streaming audiobooks and live radio.

AT&T Drive Studio

Developers of the apps include AetherPal, Audiobooks, Dash Radio, Eventseeker, and Glympse:

  • AetherPal provides remote support solutions for drivers and their cars.  It enables customer care reps to securely diagnose and resolve issues in real time.
  • Audiobooks allows users to browse, claim and instantly stream or download audiobooks to their connected car.
  • Dash Radio is a commercial free radio service with 60+ original live stations.
  • Eventseeker is a personalized event service using location API’s in the connected car, users can invite friends and purchase tickets to any event within seconds.
  • Glympse is introducing the second phase of its location sharing experience, integrating multiple touch-points, including the connected car, mobile devices and wearable technology.


AT&T’s Drive connected car platform allows automakers to pick and choose which services and capabilities are important to them in order to differentiate their solutions in the marketplace.

Source: AT&T