One of the biggest improvements introduced in Android 6.0 Marshmallow is Doze. It helps improve your battery life by putting app into a sleep state, when your device hasn’t been moved for awhile.

A new app on the Play Store conveniently named Doze claims to do the same thing, by cutting data off from the apps. To do this it requires making a VPN connection which you must allow for it to work. This way it can control the network connections. Unlike Doze in Marshmallow, it doesn’t wait for 30 minutes of inactivity to kick in. Instead it happens immediately after you turn off the screen. Then once you turn the screen back on it allows everything to connect like usual.

This sounds a lot like the hidden feature in the advanced settings for wifi, where you can turn off wifi when the screen is off. A great tip for your tablet to help save the battery by the way. This however is even better, as it allows you to have an active list of apps. Meaning those apps will be allowed to continue syncing while the screen is off.

It’s free from the Play Store and will work with Android 4.1 and up. Give Doze a try and get the battery savings, while you wait for Marshmallow to come to your phone.

Source: Android Headlines