With the Marshmallow update officially rolling out and people already getting it. Huawei has posted up the release notes revealing all the new features. The most exciting one being the speaker being enabled.

You can now make and receive calls on your watch. As well as listen to audio or video messages from apps like Glide. Some other notable changes are improved heart rate, step counter, and new wrist gestures. The full list is below.

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  • Make calls and listen to messages with speaker support. Screening calls from your wrist is a nice convenience that comes with Android Wear. Thanks to speaker support, you can now make and take calls over Bluetooth. And you can listen to audio/video messages with apps like Glide.
  • Navigate your watch with new gestures. Scrolling up and down your card stream is as simple as flicking your wrist. Starting today you can also expand a card, bring up your apps, or return home to your watch face with a push, lift or shake. You’ll be able to stay connected to what’s important, while keeping your phone (or other hand) in your pocket.
  • Send more messages with just your voice. With Android Wear, you’ve always been able to get answers to spoken questions. Now you can also use your voice to send messages from apps like Google HangoutsNextplusTelegramViberWeChat, and WhatsApp. Running late for lunch? Just say “OK Google, Send a WhatsApp message to Nathan: I’ll be right there.”
  • Added a new feature for dimming the screen when your wrist is lowered
  • Added support for new languages including Mandarin (Taiwan), Cantonese (Hong Kong), Indonesian (Indonesia), Polish (Poland), Dutch (Netherlands), and Thai (Thailand)
  • Improved the reliability of heart rate monitor function
  • Improved the step recording function

Source: Huawei Blog