Earlier today we saw a quick look at Google’s MODE interchangeable watch bands on Youtube. That was before the video was quickly marked private, because the links to the webpage and store weren’t live yet. Now everything is up and running though, and not only can we view the video but now you can order them.

If you’ve ever tried swapping your watch band then you know it can be a pain. Google’s new MODE bands for Android Wear sets you free of annoying band removal tools. Allowing you to use the only tool you need, your hands. While the idea for these quick snap bands is a welcomed one the price isn’t. It comes in two basic styles Silicone from $49.95 and Leather from $59.95.

Each style is offered in multiple colors, but the price alone is enough to sway me from buying one. Sadly this snapping mechanism cannot be added to your current favorite band either. The Leather can be purchased in Black, Brown, Tan, Gray, Indigo, Green, Ruby, White, Silver, or Gold. While the Silicone comes in Fluro Yellow, Fluro Red, Mint, Gray, Black, or White.

At least they’ll work with most smart or even dumb watches as long as they are 16, 18, 20, or 22mm. Unlike Apple’s interchangeable band system which requires a special connector.

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