Virtual Reality is going to be pretty big in the coming years. When you have Facebook, Google, HTC, LG, and Samsung all working on it. You know they are expecting big growth and returns on it. Each one trying to get in, get customers first, and create content to push the hardware.

HTC just had a big win with their Vive headset. They had 15,000 orders within ten minutes when they opened it up for pre-order on February 29th. According to the tweet sent out by Shen Ye, who works in the VR department at HTC. That’s a whole lot of product being pushed, and shows just how high in demand it is. Especially for a device which costs $800 dollars.

Vive was created in partnership with Valve. It comes with the headset, two 360-degree motion controllers, and two laser boxes to track your movement from all angles. This allows you to actually get up and move around in the environment, offering a unique experience. Vive is still up for pre-order right now, but isn’t expected to start shipping until early April.

Source: Digital Trends

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