While the Moto 360 V2 launched awhile back. One version they showed off was a sport centric model. It’s taken awhile but it’s finally going to be launching December 18th in the UK and France. While US users are going to have to wait till January 7th to order it from Motorola.com for $299. You can also pick it up in select stores like Best Buy starting January 10th.

The Moto 360 Sport is much like Moto 360 V2. However it comes with a silicone band which won’t absorb sweat or stain. The band also comes with vents to help keep you cool. Some other features which make this a sport centric watch are GPS, for tracking your runs. AnyLight technology which is supposed to help you view it in bright sunlight. Not to mention it says it can continuously track your heart rate.

As far as software it comes with the typical Android Wear OS. Along with Moto’s own fitness app which will give you activity reminders. Plus you can sync it up with other popular fitness apps like MapMyRun, Under Armour Record, Strava, Google Fit and Fitbit. If you don’t feel like waiting you can pick up the Moto 360 V2 here.

Source: Official Motorola Blog