We Inbox by Gmail users have grown to love Inbox, and come to hate the Gmail interface. We are all too suddenly reminded of the non-material world when we click on that mailto link in Chrome, and are abruptly greeted by a Gmail compose message. Horrors! It works, but it’s not Material Design! Well, the time for our frustrations to end has finally come.

At inbox.google.com, you can now select to open email links (mailto) via Inbox instead of Gmail. Inbox users rejoice! For the rest of you Gmail users, you don’t have to opt-in to this. Just don’t change the setting and you will be fine (Unless Google completely goes through with what they have been doing).

To make the glorious switch to a full material realm, click on this button nexus2cee_JmJaM5a which is at the far right of the URL bar in Inbox on the desktop. Then select the “Allow” option, hit “Done” and you’re all set.


If you don’t see that button yet, no worries! Simply go to chrome://settings/handlers and change the menu option from mail.google.com to inbox.google.com.