Back at the Google September Press Event, the Chromecast Audio was announced, among other major products. One of the features that was promoted at the time was multi-room streaming support, but the feature wasn’t done yet, and we were told we would get it by the end of the year. Well, that time has finally come! As of today, you can now cast the same music to multiple Chromecast Audios at the same time! It works the same time as just casting to one set of speakers. You can even create groups of Chromecast Audios to cast your music to.

Another exciting announcement today is the support for 96KHz/24-bit lossless audio playback. If you are a person who knows and cares about that numbers, this is great news for you! If you have no clue what those numbers mean, no worries. The audio quality as it currently stands, is quite sufficient and even better than what Bluetooth offers.

Both of these features are available in the new Chromecast app, which you can download from here. The app itself has a few minor updates such as a partially redesigned devices tab and dedicated offers page.

Read the full announcement at the Google Chrome Blog.