As we all wait for the Moto 360 to be released we keeps seen leaks across the internet, the most recent was when it showed the Moto 360 in what seem to be a wireless docking station.  See article

But earlier today most likely not intentionally The Moto 360 show up at Best Buy website for $249.99! 
This is great news for all of us waiting for this amazing device at it showed a price half of what many thought could had been the price for this beautiful smart-watch.


 The Moto 360 Pops Up at Best Buy Website


Here is the Link for best buy listing Moto 360 for $249.99

Based on this mistake by someone internally at Best buy here are two things at least we didn’t know about the Moto 360:

  • Optical heart rate Monitor
  • Wireless Wifi N

The Moto 360 just never stops surprising us every time

For now all we can do is just wait.