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Hello everyone, My Name is Juan Sanchez and I am the founded and Chief editor here at Talk Android News. I little about me I have a background in Information Technology with over 17 years of experience in the IT field working in the Healthcare, construction and Law industry providing full managed services with my IT business. I started Talk Android News back in 2012 , it was originally as a personal approach to step in the ” ANDROID ” world. Today after almost 4 years our team has grown with very talented people with the same mission and that is to provide with the best possible content on Android news. My love and passion to technology started when I was about 11 years old back in 1990 and from there is been all I do, from cell phones, wearable, laptops or servers you name it I been there and done that. I personally want to thank you our followers for your support. any comments or feedback we read and always listen to our audience.
4 08, 2017

Best Buy adds the “Essential PH-1” to their catalog with an Unlocked & Sprint Variants

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Like many devices in the past Best [...]