Virtual assistants are becoming more than just a vocal Google search. They are evolving and becoming more personable. Part of making us feel like we’re talking to more than just a computer is adding some personality.

While we’re not far along enough to have true artificial intelligent machines with a personality. Our digital pals are being given personalities, in the form of comedic canned replies to our questions. Whether it’s asking OK Google to make you a sandwich or saying beam me up.

Part of what makes interacting with it fun instead of a necessity, are these types of questions and the responses. Giving us the little illusion that we’re speaking to more than just a static object. In order to help make Assistant more lifelike, Google has hired former Pixar and The Onion writers.

This looks good for the future of Assistant, with Pixar and The Onion both well known for their comedy chops. While our digital assistants won’t have a true personality for quite some time. A talented bunch of writers is making them much more fun to use.

Source: CNET

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