So if you have not been following the news lately, last Thursday 10/27  T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced  a new promotion followed after the release of the Google Pixel and also Verizon exclusive Promotion. 

This promotion basically the way it works is, if you bring a Pixel to T-Mobile, you can get $325 in bill credits back to  you account when you provide a proof of purchase but this was only good for Non-ONE customer account holders and not the Simple unlimited LTE  DATA accounts.

Well great News to those Simple Unlimited, One and ONE Plus Account holder because T-mobile earlier Quoted:

Updated 10/31: This promotion is now available to Simple Choice Unlimited Customers, alongside T-Mobile ONE and ONE Plus customers.

The Power of having an unlocked phone like the Google Pixel will have mobile carriers begging for you to come to them and will pay for your loyalty.

Who’s switching to T-Mobile and bringing their Pixel T-Mobile.

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