LeEco unveiled their trio of new phones with a surprising revelation. They had removed the headphone jack and will now use the USB-C port for audio. They all carry a new standard called CDLA Continual Digital Lossless Audio that has been certified by the Music Association of China. This is an all digital solution instead of analog the 3.5mm headphone jack we are use to.

You might ask yourself where would I get a pair of USB-C headphones?? LeEco has you covered there until some others start producing some. They announced two pairs of USB-C headphones yesterday. One pair is over the ear with noise cancellation comparable to BOSE QC25 says LeEco. It even accomplishes the noise cancellation without need of an internal battery. While the other is a pair of ear buds which according to them has bass that out performs Apple’s EarPods.

LeEco mentions that it uses an exclusive lossless digital decoding chip in the headphones. Hopefully this leads to exceptional audio quality. What is not clear is whether or not these headphones will work with other USB-C devices.

Love it or hate it the 3.5mm audio jack seems destined to die much like disc drives. I’ve always assumed one day we would make the jump from using the headphone jack to Bluetooth only audio systems. This seems like a natural first step. While you have the option to use the USB-C port for headphones. I believe most people will replace their headphones with Bluetooth ones.

Bluetooth doesn’t offer the same quality yet as a wired connection, but for most people I think it will be good enough. While audiophiles will have the option to use USB-C headphones.

Source: GSM Arena

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