It’s official the first phone with 6GB of RAM has launched and it’s from Chinese manufacturer Vivo. They launched it today in China and not only does it pack 6GB of RAM, but a lot more.

The Xplay 5 Elite comes with a 5.43 inch QHD AMOLED dual edge screen. Just like the one you’ll find on Samsung phones. As well as a Snapdragon 820 SoC, 6GB of RAM, 128GB of storage, 3600mAh battery, 16MP rear and 8MP front facing cameras, with a metal unibody design, and a rear mounted fingerprint scanner. That’s one heck of a flagship and sounds a lot like competition for Samsung. Plus it has USB-C, dual SIM slots, and stereo speakers. Not even Samsung has all of that.

However it is lacking a microSD card slot, any sort of water or dust resistance, and the edge software features Samsung includes. Also you can bet the camera won’t be near as good. Still it comes in at a price of $655 dollars, which is quite a discount from a Galaxy S7 Edge.

While this will probably not offer any competition here in the US for Samsung. It’s still nice to see another phone come out using that slick dual edge QHD AMOLED screen. I hope to see more phones using that in the future. This might steal some business away from Samsung in China though.

Vivo also announced the Xplay 5 which is almost identical to the Elite. Except it is powered by a Snapdragon 652, 4GB of RAM, and will cost you $565. These Chinese OEMs really are making some great hardware these days for affordable prices. I’d love to see more of them come over to the US. The Vivo Xplay Elite and Xplay will go on sale in China on March 8th in Rose Gold and Champagne Gold.

One question remains though. What would you need 6GB of RAM for? I’m sure many people get by with less than that in their computers. Someone had to do it though, and Vivo gets to be the first.

Source: Android Authority

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