The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge benchmarks as one of the most powerful phones on the planet. Not only does it pack a Snapdragon 820 CPU, currently king of the hill. It also has 4GB of RAM. Yet time and time again no matter the top end specs or how high Samsung phones benchmark. They still fall far behind in these simple app switching speed tests.

Youtube user Jerome Ortega brings us this speed test featuring the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, Huawei Nexus 6P, Moto X Pure, and iPhone 6s Plus. All phones were factory reset with no SIM inserted, and only had the apps required to run the test beyond what’s already included. In the video the iPhone 6s Plus with it’s dual core A9 CPU and 2GB of RAM leads the pack, and completes the run the fastest. Followed by the Nexus 6P, Moto Pure X, and then finally the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. Jerome states he wanted to run the test multiple times on the Galaxy S7 Edge. However the stop clock kept getting reset, even though he tried several times. Probably due to Samsung’s aggressive task killing.

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If running true stock Android like the Nexus 6P in the video there is no reason for this. However Samsung seems to tweak their software to stop background tasks. Leading to longer times in switching apps, as it has to reload or refresh the app. I’m not quite sure why Samsung does this. I assume it could be to free up memory for running apps in MultiWindow. Still I really wish they would stop doing this, and let the real power of the phone and software shine through.

Source: BGR