We all know replacing a lost, stolen or damaged smartphone or tablet can be expensive. Here’s another chance to get protection for your family’s or business’s qualifying devices.

AT&T will have an open enrollment period from March 1 to April 30. Normally, you have to enroll within 30 days of activation or upgrade. This open enrollment period is a perfect opportunity for individuals and businesses that are AT&T wireless customers and have had their AT&T smartphones or tablets for more than 30 days to enroll in one of AT&T’s three device protection options:[ad id=”2764″]

  • AT&T Multi-Device Protection Pack provides the most comprehensive coverage. You can add up to 3 eligible smartphones or tablets – perfect for individuals and families (not available for businesses). You also get access to expert technical assistance from the U.S.-based ProTech support team for help with your covered devices.
  • AT&T Mobile Protection Pack gives individuals protection and support for one smartphone or tablet.
    • AT&T Mobile Insurance provides coverage against loss, theft and damage. You also get as soon as next day replacement.
    • Expert tech help for your smartphone or tablet with ProTech support.
    • 50 GB of storage and ability to locate a lost device with the Protect Plus app.

AT&T Mobile Protection Pack for Business is now available. The one-stop shop for smartphone and tablet protection and mobile support offers the same benefits of AT&T Mobile Protection Pack plus:

  • Exclusive Administrative Portal to manage insurance claims and support for all Mobile Protection Pack for Business covered devices.
  • Direct access to a dedicated team of ProTech support experts for select AT&T-certified and other popular business applications.


Learn more at att.com/mppbusiness

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