Consumer Reports has just finished up with the Samsung Galaxy S7 and says it tops it’s list of phones. Almost all of the problems from the Galaxy S6 models from last year have been addressed. Samsung has added back expandable storage, waterproofing, and increased the battery life. Basically bringing back all the things which made their phones stand out.

These new models aren’t just Samsung’s best smartphones, but, perhaps, the best smartphones. And they now sit atop our Ratings.

While the megapixel count actually dropped to 12.2MP on the camera the pixel size grew on the sensor. The camera takes excellent images and video according to Consumer Reports. The optical image stabilization works well in low light, and it even features 4K video recording.

While the battery life, camera, and expandable storage won the Galaxy S7 big points. I’m sure the build quality and IP68 certification really scored it the bonus points it needed to be on top.

Our tests confirmed that the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge can handle immersion for up to 30 minutes in 5 feet of water. They can laugh in the face of sinks, toilets, and scarily deep puddles.

They also point out that the rounded back of the phone and glass and metal materials make it even easier to hold. So you won’t have to worry about dropping the phone.

Source: Consumer Reports

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