Pre-orders are rolling in for the new Samsung phones, and if you’re curious what’s in the box we’ve got some exclusive pictures for you. While we’ve seen plenty of the new phone in leaks. There hasn’t been many pictures of what’s in the box itself.

First off you’ve got the phone of course, and it looks like it’s got a nice little unfolding box. The phone sits on a tray up top and underneath is the USB cable, fast charger plug, and a micro USB OTG Smart Switch Adapter. Samsung sure has some confidence including an adapter which is meant to transition iPhone users to Android. Not quite sure that’s so popular that you’d need to package an adapter guys.

Then their is also a pair of headphones included. All pretty standard stuff minus the Smart Switch Adapter, but still cool to get a peek at the retail box and the goodies inside. Hit up the link below to order your own from Amazon if you wanna do your own unboxing.

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