Oppo brought some goodies to MWC this year, with two big improvements for phones. First up is their incredibly fast charging technology they call SuperVOOC. This can charge a 2500mAh battery in less than 15 minutes. They also showed it taking a phone from 10 to 100 percent in 8 minutes 21.96 seconds. Which is pretty amazing and super fast charging.

To do this they use a micro USB port with extra pins, with a thicker than usual cable. The charger and the device check with each other before fast charging begins. It can be charged more slowly with a standard micro USB cable. It’s a pity this is with micro USB, instead of the new upcoming USB-C standard. Hopefully they’ll be able to transition the technology over quickly. However it’s still in the testing phase right now, and there is no word one when we could see SuperVOOC charging in devices.

The second big innovation Oppo showed off at MWC is their SmartSensor Image stabilization. Typically image stabilization in phones is done by optical image stabilization. Which requires moving the lens to get sharper images by compensating of the phone’s movement. Oppo’s SmartSensor technology moves the stabilization to the camera sensor itself. Which is a first for smart phones.

While OIS is typically accurate up to 3µm-5µm of movement, Oppo claims an accuracy of 0.3µm with their system. As well as stating how their SmartSensor works on three axis instead of two axis like OIS, plus correcting up to 1.5° of motion. It’s also faster at 10 milliseconds compared to 50 milliseconds with OIS and slimmer. All of this while also reducing power to 10mW. Meaning not only might we see better images from this new breakthrough and use less power, but also get rid of the dreaded camera bump.

Sources: PC World & GSM Arena

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