If Samsung was a ship it would be on the bottom of the ocean right now with all these leaks. I’m sure you’re getting tired of them, but hey they just keep on coming. We now have a peek at an official brochure confirming most of the specs.

Like the 5.1 inch Quad HD AMOLED screen on the Galaxy S7 and 5.5 inch one on the Galaxy S7 Edge. Along with the Snapdragon 820 SoC and Android 6 Marshmallow, with new TouchWiz skin. Hopefully that means an even more toned down version of TouchWiz. As well as 4GB of RAM and starting at 32GB of storage with a microSD slot. The battery on the S7 will be 3000mAh while the larger S7 Edge will have 3600mAh. It also confirms that they will both be water and dust resistant up to IP67.

However the biggest revelation is a pressure sensitive screen. It looks like Samsung will be bringing their own version of force touch with these models. This had been in previous rumors but nothing had come out to confirm it until now. It also lists the launch date as March 11th in Spain.

To go along with the brochure we also have a couple new images of the leaked devices. First up is an image of the bottom of the Galaxy S7 Edge, which confirms it will have micro USB instead of USB-C. It is a real shame that they aren’t adopting the new port quicker. Perhaps it’s to keep compatibility with older cables and accessories, or they were too far into development to make the switch. While it’s hard to identify that this is indeed the Galaxy S7 Edge, because it looks so similar to last years models. You’ll notice microphone hole is in a slightly different spot here.

Then we have another front image of the Galaxy S7 Edge. Which isn’t showing us anything we haven’t seen already, but it sure looks good. Both are going to be announced on February 21st right before MWC. Now let’s see if we can make it another couple of days without another leak from Samsung.

Source: GSM Arena & Pocket Now & Android Central

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