There have been rumors for awhile now about LG making their G5 more modular in design. By allowing the bottom to slide out in order to keep the replaceable battery, as well as be made out of metal. Now we have a photo proving that is more than just a concept. Not only that but there will also be modules for the G5 in order to enhance it.

This sounds much like Project Ara except it’s much more limited. Still having the ability to enhance your phone is pretty exciting. I’m sure it’s also going to be pretty profitable, as accessory makers try to come up with new products for us to buy.

So far two modules have been leaked. First we have the LG Cam Plus which adds a little bit of bulk to the phone, making it easier to hold for photos. It also adds buttons for shutter release, zoom, flash toggle, and a 1100 mAh battery. The G4 already offered a great camera and one of the best camera apps, now they’ll take it one step further.

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Next up is supposed to be a DAC module from Bang and Olufsen. Bringing high end sound and enhancing sound that is routed through it to other devices. Supposedly this will be called the LG Hi-Fi Plus. I just wonder how large this module will be and if it will include a separate speaker.

This will be an exciting year for LG as they try something truly different and innovative. The only question is will it take off like a rocket or burn and fizzle out. Either way it’s going to be quite a ride, and we’ll get a chance to see it in action in a couple of days at MWC.

Source: GSM Arena