Leading up to MWC this month, we’ve had quite a few leaks regarding some of the years biggest phones. One of these is the LG G5, and now we have a peek at what it could look like. It has been rumored that it’ll sport a dual camera setup on the back, which looks to be confirmed. With two cameras setup in a horizontal line, with the flash and what appears to be the laser focus sensor in the middle. As well as confirming the rumor about them moving the buttons to the side.

Which personally makes me sad, as the back button placement felt so natural. Just like with the fingerprint sensor. However they say this is in order to slim down the phone. I’ll still miss the back mounted buttons though, and think that slimness is overrated in phones these days. Another possibility is they needed to move them due to the design. To allow the battery to slide out of the bottom. Which still has not been confirmed, but we’ll be waiting to see that.

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The two cases leaked here are the Diztronic Voyeur and my personal favorite the Spigen Rugged Armor. I must say the Spigen is my favorite. I have the Rugged Armor for my Nexus 6P and it looks fantastic, with it’s matte black and carbon fiber accents. It’ll look fantastic on the G5 it appears as well from the render.

Other rumors suggest the G5 will stick with it’s Quad HD screen. As well as sport Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 820, 4GB of ram, and Android Marshmallow. I’m not really a fan of the back design on this years G5, but I’m sure it’s going to shape up to be one great flagship.

Source: Android Headlines