Oh HTC we haven’t forgotten about you, but after last year could you blame us if we did. Awhile back there was a leak of the supposed front of the HTC M10 in black and now we have another leak in white. Both come from @evleaks so you can bet they are legit.

You can’t see much in the photos except the volume rocker and power button are both on the right. As well as a fingerprint scanner on the bottom under the screen, and a front facing camera on the to right. One of the biggest disappointments is the lack of two front facing speakers which HTC pretty much pioneered. It’s something they’ve really been championed for and now they’ve dropped it.

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It’s been rumored the HTC M10 code named Perfume will be powered by a Snapdragon 820, no surprise there along with 4GB of RAM. I’ve also seen rumors of a 12MP camera which could be the same sensor used in the Nexus 6P. As well as a 5.1 inch screen which finally makes the jump to QHD. HTC isn’t set to unveil this at MWC, instead they are going to announce it at an event sometime later. According to @evleaks it’ll hit retail on May 9th.

Source: Android Central & @evleaks