The LG G5 is set to be unveiled this coming weekend for MWC, but now we’ve got an early peek at it. While it’s design has already been previously leaked from case listings on Amazon. This time we have a real life photo of it. It was listed for sale early on a website in Dubai. Where it costs 2,500 Dirhams, or around $680 dollars. Someone looks to have gotten very lucky and gotten their hands on one already.

While it’s no surprise the fingerprint scanner is on the back with the dual cameras, and the buttons have been moved to the side. We already knew this from viewing the cases. We can now see that it does appear to be made of metal like the rumors suggested.

Also if you look closely on the back you’ll notice a little seam near the bottom. As well as a small button right above it. This looks like it could be used for removing the bottom to replace the battery. Which has been rumored but not confirmed anywhere yet.

Source: Phone Arena

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