One constant complaint among cellphone users is battery life. As Android users we often hear about how great the battery life is of the iPhone. Well now we have a third party report from Consumer Reports themselves ranking the top 5 battery performers. One thing they all have in common is they weren’t made by Apple.

Two of the phones are the Droid Turbos from Motorola. While the other three are from Samsung the Galaxy S6 Active, Galaxy Note 4, and Galaxy S5. Not surprisingly they all come with huge batteries over 3000mAh, except for the Galaxy S5. Which comes in at 2800mAh, but also only has a 1080P screen while the others are all Quad HD. Everyone of them is an OLED screen though which I think definitely helps with battery savings.

Often times bad battery life can be attributed to leaving the screen on to long or bad apps. Facebook is one of the worst offenders in this category. One way to stop that is by uninstalling the Facebook app, and just using the web interface with Chrome. Some other helpful tips are to set your screen time out to a low duration and use auto brightness.

Source: Consumer Reports

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