You can now experience Nexus for even cheaper. The LG Nexus 5X has gotten a price drop directly in the Google Store. Once starting at $399 for the 16GB version and $429 for the 32GB version. Both models have seen a $50 drop in price. Making them start at $349 for the 16GB model, and $399 for the 32GB model. This puts the 5X in greater competition with the midrange phones out there.

This is a great bargain if you care about stock Android and want the quickest updates possible. The 5X is a very capable phone coming with a 1080p 5.2″ screen, Snapdragon 808 CPU, 2GB of ram, fingerprint scanner, a great camera, and a USB-C port with fast charging.

Sadly there has been no price drop on it’s bigger more premium sibling the Nexus 6P. However they are offering a promo for $50 off of a Huawei Watch with purchase.

Source: Nexus G+ page

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