Verizon has been running an ad lately touting all the awards their network has won. It does a lot to show off the superiority of their network, and they like to point out how T-Mobile hasn’t won any. Never to take things lying down T-Mobile CEO John Legere fired back with a clever edit of Verizon’s ad.

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This time pointing out some convenient things Verizon left out. Such as their data is almost a year old. Now you might wonder what difference does a year make. Well T-Mobile has been aggressively expanding their network in the past year. Adding more services to their unlimited music streaming. Introducing unlimited video streaming with Binge On. Both of which don’t account against your data cap. As well as adding customers left and right.

While the edited ad isn’t saying Verizon’s network is bad. They are saying those facts aren’t quite as true today as they were over a year ago. Plus they ignored 40% of T-Mobile’s network. They even go so far as to say Verizon pays the company whose stats they are using. Check out the ballsy edit for yourself below.

Source: Android Headlines