Rumors have been surfacing about the LG G5 which we expect to see at their February 21st event at Mobile World Congress. The latest of these rumors is that the battery would slide out of the bottom of the phone. Which would be one of the most unique ways of replacing a battery that we’ve seen in a phone.

However if the previous rumors are to be believed, and they are indeed going with a metal back on the G5 this year. Then it would make perfect sense. As I was wondering how they would keep a replaceable battery with a metal back. Something which I personally applaud them for keeping, since it’s becoming so rare. The battery would slide out in a drawer like the render shows, if the eyewitness source is correct.

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I don’t quite get the craze for phones using a metal back, but it seems to be what the people want. Plastic doesn’t bend it only flexes, and seems far more durable. Besides most people are just going to cover it up with a TPU case anyways.

Other rumors say that in order to make it thinner they are moving the volume and power button to the side. Something that I hope isn’t true, as I’ve always thought the buttons on the back were so much more ergonomic. Sort of like how having the fingerprint scanner on the back is so easy to use.

Other possibilities are a dual camera setup on the back, the Snapdragon 820 CPU, and a 5.3″ QHD screen with an OLED ticker like the V10 has. Something else I just don’t quite understand. If you’re going to go OLED then go full OLED. Don’t give some gimmick display which isn’t even good looking, like the edge displays on the Samsung phones.

Source: GSMArena & CNET Korea