Letv has just announced their Le Max Pro at CES, and it’s the first phone to have the much awaited Snapdragon 820 CPU. The guys over at Android Headlines got their hands on one and ran it through AnTuTu. It came back with a score of a whopping 132,609, very impressive indeed. Besides the Snapdragon 820, it comes with Adreno 530 GPU and 4GB of ram.

The Le Max Pro comes with a huge 6.33″ screen and a quad HD resolution of 2560×1440. So not only is this a monster of a phone in speed, but also in size. However it’s really not that much larger than the Nexus 6P in dimensions. Continuing with the super sized specs it also packs a 21MP shooter on the back. The front facing camera is utilizing a 4 ultrapixel sensor though.

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With that new Snapdragon CPU comes along some new features as well. Such as Qualcomm’s Sense ID for the fingerprint scanner on the back. Which allows it to read your fingerprint with ultrasonic technology. Meaning it will read your finger faster and even through dirt and oil. As well as Qualcomm’s quick charge 2.0 technology, allowing it to charge up to 75% than other devices. Which you’re going to be thankful for with it’s 3400mAh battery. It’s also nice to see it using the new USB-C standard, but that’s no surprise here. Letv was one of the first to include USB-C on their phones.

The Le Max Pro is running the latest version of Android 6 Marshmallow, and will come with a choice of 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB of storage. No word on an official launch date or pricing for the US, but they do say it will launch here later this year.

Source: Android Headlines and Letv