Force Touch Integrated into Instagram

Force Touch Integrated into Instagram

Force Touch on Android?  


I have been hearing rumors and not only rumors but confirmation with other Android Manufacturers that they will be bringing some force touch feature to next smartphones coming out.  I know that the latest iPhones  and Macbooks have this already and Apple was quick to advertise and push it out any way they could.  Not only them but, an Android manufacturer by the name of Huawei claims that they are the first to release this feature on a smartphone and to have been the first to launch.  Now, not sure how much of this is actually true.   But, Apple and Huawei are making it a fight.  Now, the rest of the world wants to force touch as well.  If you haven’t noticed, Instagram decided to join in on the force touch game.  So below is a look at force touch and what it does and how Instagram made it a hit on their app.




What Is Force Touch?


Force Touch is a feature that since the level of touch of force on a certain surface such as a touchpad found on a Macbook or a touchscreen like on the iPhone 6S. Force Touch gestures are sort of hidden.  They help assist you in apps for quick access to settings and other small things that almost anyone would and will overlook.  For apps, it helps you to comment, post, and search without having to open the app fully to do small tasks.  In the Apple Watch, you can swype notifications away  with the force touch, you can deep press to reply to a message or change goals in activity app.   Even in the Twitter app, you can hard press to compose a post to push to Twitter. With the iPhone, Watch and Macbook, you can use these force touch deep presses.

Deep press to see more actions.

Deep press to see more actions.

Instagram app has force touch for Android


Now, where does this leave Android fans at? Instagram! Instagram not too long ago announced that with its latest updates and bug fixes, that it will include some type of force touch functionality in its app on Android. They have delivered upon this promise.  Force Touch is now in the Instagram app.  As I have noticed and played around with the force touch feature.  Here is what it can do in Instagram.


The force touch will only work in a person’s profile activity page.  You can see it work with their photos and videos.  How does this work?


Force Touch Instructions for Instagram:


  1. Choose a follower’s name
  2. Hard or long press on photo or video
  3. Swype left to right to choose a command (Like, Comment, Share)
  4. Accept action
  5. Repeat

First Impressions

As an ideal that supposed to been by done by Apple and now on Android via Instagram, the idea isn’t all that super cool or futuristic.  It is more like “meh”.  The fact is that if developers can place this function and feature into apps already, there isn’t a need for a specialized screen to use force touch. It just a deep press or hold. Are you force touching photos and videos in Instagram for Android? What are you thoughts on the force touch craze?