Ladies I know what you’re thinking. I really want an Android Wear device but they are all just too masculine. Well Huawei to the rescue, they’ve released 2 new versions of their Huawei watch today. This time with a focus on style for all the women out there.

You can choose from the Elegant or Jewel models. Both are gold plated with smaller bands than the original Huawei watch. What sets the Jewel model apart is the Swarovski crystals around the rim. They both also come with a set of 10 exclusive feminine watch faces as well.

Besides that you can expect the same internals from the original Huawei watch. A Snapdragon 400, 512MB RAM, 4GB storage, 300mAh battery, 1.4 inch 400×400 pixel AMOLED screen, and speaker. Which is not a bad thing at all, as the Huawei watch performs great. Also that’s right it has a speaker, which they say you can be used for voice calls.

The only two not so good pieces of news is the size and the price. It won’t be any smaller than the original Huawei watch. Also you can expect to pay $499 for the Elegant version while the Jewel will set you back $599. Meaning the ladies won’t get a more affordable version like the original stainless Huawei watch at $349.

Source: Engadget & Android Police