Look out as MWC approaches it looks like Huawei might have some big news up it’s sleeves. That’s right they might be releasing a notebook computer called the MateBook. At a time when most PC manufacturers are looking to get out of the PC business and into mobile. What makes this interesting though is apparently it will be a dual boot machine. Running both Windows and Android, quite interesting indeed.

The rumor also suggests it will be a hybrid laptop, with a detachable keyboard. As well as use chips from Intel, and supposedly under the name MateBook. Which Huawei trademarked last Fall. It sounds like something which could take on the Pixel C, and even beat it at it’s own game. Since it would be able to run a good desktop or mobile environment depending on your needs.

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Between the Surface Pro, Surface Book, iPad Pro, and Pixel C, we are seeing a new market emerge. Where laptops want to be tablets or tablets want to be laptops. In order to offer us everything we might want for our particular needs in one machine. If all the rumors are true, it looks like Huawei is ready to jump in with a unique solution. By offering us a dual boot machine, trying to give us the best of both worlds.

Source: Android Headlines & Tech in Asia