Huawei’s latest flagship the Mate 8 may have just been unveiled at CES, but it’s already been on sale in China since December 9th. It’s already off to an amazing start with reportedly one million units sold.

He Gang the head of Huawei’s smartphone division, had announced before the launch they were going to produce one million units a month. He obviously thought there was going to be high demand for Huawei’s latest phablet, and turns out he was right. With specs like a 6 inch screen, two days battery life, 16MP camera with OIS, fingerprint scanner, and it’s speedy Kirin 950 CPU we can definitely see why.

Only two questions remain now. Can Huawei keep up with the demand now that they are about to launch in more markets? Also, will it ever be released in the US?

Source: Pocketnow and Xiaomi Today

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