Huawei is the 3rd largest phone manufacturer in the world. Now after their success with the Nexus 6P, they show no plans of slowing down. Today at CES they took the stage to announce their latest flagship the Mate 8. At 6 inches it is starting to blur the line between what’s a phone and what’s a tablet.

Huawei says it has a 2 day battery life with that 6 inch screen though, creating what they call the “Mategory”. Where you don’t have to choose between having a large screen or having long battery life. To accomplish this the screen is only 1080p, while most flagships these days are quad HD. They also tout their Kirin 950 CPU for it’s power efficiency. As well as showing that it has leading class speed. Of course you can’t forget the massive 4000mAh battery either. Not to mention it launching with Marshmallow, so I’m sure Doze helps out.

It also has a 16MP camera with optical image stabilization, using a sensor larger than the iPhone. There are 2 different variants the 32GB with 3GB of ram for €599, or the 64GB with 4GB of ram for €699. Also it comes with a microSD slot for expandable storage. Although it is still using micro USB, so don’t get your hopes up for USB-C.

Plus it’s a full metal build and comes in 4 colors Champagne Gold, Black, Silver, and for the first time Mocha. It sounds like a pretty great phone. Sadly there was no mention of a US release date.