There have already been previous promos with Android Pay. Such as the free figurine from Jamba Juice, and more recently you could get a Best Buy gift card. Now they are running a new one where you can get a $35 credit towards a Chromecast from the Google Store. However it doesn’t seem to be rolling out to everyone. There have also been reports of the dates when it must be used varying.

Android Pay is a great way to pay if you’re credit or debit card is supported, and is especially convenient with a fingerprint scanner. It’s even better when you get incentivized to use it. Much like how Google offers free movies and rentals occasionally with their Chromecast promos. A great product, and one you could even snag for free with your 10th purchase using Android Pay.

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As long as you have Android Pay, a compatible card, the promo shows up in the app, you make 10 purchases before February 29th, and they are all at least 5 minutes apart. You could have a shiny new Chromecast.

It’s just a shame not everyone is getting this promo. Perhaps it’s just rolling out and soon more users will have access to it. They also offer you free songs on your first, second, and sixth purchase.

Source: Android Police