That’s right everyone Amazon Prime isn’t just free two day shipping. They also make shows, and sometimes they are even good enough to win awards. Like their most recent winner Mozart in the Jungle.

Thankfully Amazon likes to remind us of this, and is offering up a sale on Prime this weekend. Instead of the normal $99 yearly price they are offering it for $73. While you might think $73 is a strange amount to pick. It’s actually in honor of the 73rd anniversary of the Golden Globes.

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They are also allowing non Prime members to stream the first two seasons this weekend. Now Amazon while this is great and all. It sure would be even better if you not only supported Chromecast but also sold them. That’s a different rant entirely though. For now everyone can enjoy Mozart in the Jungle this weekend, and get a good deal on Prime. That is if you’re a new customer. To make sure we get all those cables, cases, and power banks we need in two days.

Source: Amazon