Do you love Android so much, that you wish you could use it even when you’re on your PC. Well if that’s the case then what Jide has been working on will have you pretty pumped. They’ve already released devices running their Remix OS. Now they are looking at installing their Remix OS on your Intel based computers. It’ll even run on some Mac computers.

What they’ve done is pretty impressive and interesting. They’ve taken the Android ecosystem which has over 1.6 million apps, and is one of the most used operating systems. Then added a task bar at the bottom and allowed you to run apps in windowed modes. That way you can multitask like never before, all while using Android. Sounds pretty cool right.

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This makes Android more productive like a typical PC operating system. While giving you access to all the great apps out there. They’ve based it off the Android x-86 project. After installing they say you can use it to multiboot so getting Remix doesn’t mean you’ll have to lose your other operating system. It even says you can use it from a USB stick and take it with you wherever you go. This really sounds like what Google should have put on their Pixel C tablet. It would have been a great match up.

You might be wondering, what will this cost me? The great thing is it’s 100% free, that’s right you’ll pay nothing, nada, zilch. However this is more like alpha software. Expect there to be some bugs and for some things to not work properly. Because of this they are asking for users and developers to help out to make Remix OS even better. This sounds like a pretty great idea and project.

You can find the link to the download below. As well as instructions on how to install, and please let us know if you try it and how you like it.

Source: Remix OS