The Good:

  • Five Power IQ ports
  • One QuickCharge port
  • Reasonably sized footprint

The Bad:

  • USB ports are a little stiff
  • No included Micro USB Cable

The Anker PowerPort+ 6 is my favorite Anker device so far (and that says something – I have around 10 Anker devices)! It features six charging ports, five of them have the Anker PowerIQ and one port has Qualcomm Quick Charge. It mounts nicely on my desk with the included adhesive strip, and I always have it in use, charging many different types of devices.

What's in the Box

Included in the box is the AnkerPort+ 6, the power cord, an adhesive strip and a cord wrap. The product exterior is pretty simple, it has a slick glossy finish all around, and the front where the ports are has a neat textured finish to it. I like this design better than the design on my PowerPort 5 because this doesn’t scratch as easily.

Personal Use Cases & Comparision

The reason I love the PowerPort+ 6 so much is because I have many different devices I need to charge daily. I keep it on top of my desk so I have cords for all my devices ready at a moment’s notice. With so many ports, I can have my watch charger, Chromecast Audio, Micro USB chargers, and iPhone charger all plugged in at once. I even have a quick charge port open when I need to charge my PowerCore+ 10050!

In comparison to other Anker PowerPort products, I’d say this one beats them all, at least for my uses. Up to this point, the PowerPort 5 has been my go-to desktop charger, but it looks like this is replacing that. There really is no difference between this and the other PowerPort products, besides for the amount of ports available.


Overall, I’m extremely happy I have this item. It is my most used Anker product, and even with all the use it gets, the PowerPort+ 6 never shows any signs of slowing down. If you have quite a few devices to charge, I would highly recommend that you purchase this product. I know that if I had to, I would certainly get this product again.