Tasker was yanked from the Play Store today unexpectedly. While no one is quite sure why it was taken down. People are speculating it’s due to the beta version having an option to circumvent Marshmallow’s battery saving feature. What’s strange about this is that the beta version hadn’t been published to the Play Store. So, why would Google remove the current version? It seems like a bit of a heavy handed preemptive measure. Here is a quote from the developer from the Google Group.

Google have removed it, as far as I can see mistakenly since they are complaining
about something being in the manifest which is simply not there.

In a couple of days, after I’ve got a few thousand complaint emails, they may have
gotten round to reading the appeal.


Tasker is a very popular app, which can be quite complicated to use. It’s essentially an if this then that, with a lot of controls and variables. Many custom recipes have been made and shared online. Which makes it a lot easier to customize actions on your phone. For those that use it, it can be invaluable.


Tasker has now been added back to the Play Store all within a day. I guess Google got a lot of complaints from some angry customers.

Source: Android Police