The Huawei watch is one of the hottest smart watches out right now. However it’s also one of the most expensive ones, costing more than it’s rival the Moto 360 V2. If you haven’t picked one up yet but you’ve been eyeing it, then lookout this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

On Black Friday you’ll be able to pick up the silver with leather band for $50 off, silver with mesh or links for $80 off, and the black with links for $100 off. These are some great deals, and what’s even better is it’s not limited to just one store. You’ll find these discounts at,,,, and the Google Store. Not to mention you’ll also be able to pick them up in select Best Buy and Target stores in person.

If you miss out on those deals they’ll also be running a similar promo on Cyber Monday. The prices won’t be quiet as good though. You’ll only get $50 off of those same models. This is your chance to get one of the hottest smart watches this year at the cheapest price since they’ve launched. So mark your calendars and grab them quick before they go out of stock.

Source: Huawei Community