Great news for Nexus 6P owners and T-Mobile customers. Looks like it’s been added to T-Mobile’s list of phones that support band 12. It hasn’t yet gotten band 12 support, however it looks like it’s at least coming.

T-Mobile has really been pushing their network and Band 12. Which gives their network a lot more coverage. However your phone has to be VoLTE certified. Without that it’ll appear that you have service even though you won’t be able to place a call. For that reason T-Mobile has asked for band 12 to be removed on phones until they are certified.

It looks like that day is rapidly approaching for the Nexus 6P though as it’s been added to the list. It had been mentioned before the Nexus 6P launch that they were working on getting it supported by the launch date. It’s a little late but better late than never.