Good news for all of you on T-Mobile with the Moto X Pure Edition. It’s been confirmed that with the Android 6 Marshmallow update band 12 will be added. A lot of people have been pretty annoyed with the lack of band 12 support for their phones lately. Even if support is listed in the hardware that doesn’t mean it’s active.

Band 12 has better building penetration and gives a better signal in urban areas. Where otherwise you might have a weak signal or no signal. While some phones have the hardware to support it, often it might not be turned on in the software. T-Mobile has recently been asking OEMs to remove it with a software update, if it doesn’t support VoLTE. Saying that without VoLTE support it would show you have a signal but a call wouldn’t be able to be placed.

David Schuster of Motorola recently announced though, that the upcoming Marshmallow update will add band 12 support for T-Mobile on the Moto X Pure. He mentions that the update will be rolling out in the next few weeks.