Huawei has begun rolling out a new OTA (build number LCB43B) to the Huawei Watch. As per the Huawei Community, this update includes several new features and improvements.


  • Optimized the mic gain for improved “Ok Google” detection
  • Optimized the fitness tracking to improve step counting accuracy
  • Optimized the Bluetooth reconnect mechanism
  • Add a new app to display the battery level when charging
  • Add a new watch face that user can self-customize
  • Add fusion sensor of gravity/linear acceleration/rotation vector

How to Get the Update

This update is rolling out to devices starting today! To see if you’re one of the lucky few who can get the update, go to Settings > About > System updates
If your watch shows “System is up to date”, you can try doing a Factory reset. Several users have reported that this forces the update for them. If you still don’t have the update after a Factory reset, well, you’re out of luck. You’ll have to wait a few more days as it rolls out to the rest of the devices. Huawei says the rollout should be complete by next week.

Feature highlights

Charging Screen
Since getting the update, one of my favorites is the charging screen. It really makes it easy to see when the watch is charging, as the charging puck is not that well designed. Hopefully this eliminates the frustration of *thinking* you set your watch on the charger at night, only to realize that it didn’t charge at all the next morning.

Mic Gain
One of the problems I encountered was that the “OK Google” recognition was set pretty low. Thankfully this update fixes practically all these issues. In my testing, it picked up my voice from ~2 feet away at a whisper, where as before it wouldn’t pick up at all.

New Watch Face
Yeah, this isn’t that big of a deal, but Huawei made some pretty cool watch faces for us, and this brings your own flavor into a watch face. You’ll see a new “Custom (flat)” watch face and it is customizable with background colors, markers, hands, and tiles. Its pretty cool, and I use it as one of my main watch faces now.