In an online video Huawei has shown off a new leap in battery charging technology. It shows it charging 10 times faster than normal batteries. Taking a 3000mah battery and charging it up to 48% in about 5 minutes. Which is insanely fast and they claim that it won’t degrade the battery also.

While this looks amazing something to note is they use a replaceable battery to do this. Which more and more phones are ditching. So it’s not like it’s charging straight through your USB cable, like you do nowadays. It also appears to use a huge charging brick in order to do this, which isn’t very portable.

Still it looks like our future is full of devices which will require larger and larger batteries. Especially with all of the new rideables and electric cars. Meaning we’re going to need a way to charge all of these devices up as quickly as possible. Because no one likes sitting around waiting for something to charge.