Google engineer Benson Leung has been warning users against using USB A to C cables and adapters, which could be harmful to your devices. According to Benson these faulty cables and adapters can attempt to draw more current than they are rated for. This could cause damage to the A side which the cable is plugged into. In some cases he says it can be “downright dangerous”.

Since then he has started buying cables and adapters from Amazon and rating them. There is also a Reddit thread discussing this. As well as a spreadsheet listing tested devices with their compatibility and price. If you’re wanting to test your own cables and adapters, there are a couple of apps which can help you. CheckR and Current Monitor can both check whether your cable is compatible with the USB standards, and are safe to use. If you’d rather check with an ADB command that’s also possible through USB or a terminal shell on your phone.

I’ve personally only bought one adapter so far from Xiaomi and according to both apps it’s safe to use.

Source: Benson Leung and Reddit