After being released on iOS last year, Adobe finally gives us Android users the love of Premiere Clip.

What Premiere Clip does is similar to the movie feature in Google Photos, except it works better. Obviously, it is built for videos rather than photos, so it is more polished. What makes this app great is two things: one, everyone can use it. The app is simple and intuitive to the average user. It can auto-generate a movie and match the clips to the included music tracks, or you can use your own. You can easily adjust the speed of the overall movie to set the proper tone. The second great thing is that it is completely free, all you need is a free Adobe ID.

Adobe Clip even has some more in-depth editing tools, allowing you to select which clips you want to keep, change what part of a clip you want to keep in the final video, and you can rearrange the clips to get the perfect story you want to share.
So far, this seems like a solid app. I’ve only had it crash once for me, while Google Photos crashed/glitched about 10 times in a similar project.

Go download it from the Play Store and start creating!