Oppo just unveiled a very exciting new software strategy. They are planning on making a near stock rom for their key devices. I assume they mean their flagships, but maybe this will also include any popular device in their roster. Typically Oppo devices run their own custom rom based on Android called ColorOS. Oppo says they have learned that while that works in Asia. That users in different regions have different preferences.

Now they did mention that by going AOSP you would lose some of the key features of ColorOS. However they are trying to give you the best of both worlds. They are building a near stock rom called OPPO’s AOSP ROM, with just some of their most requested features. Some of these key features will be Pure Image (ColorOS camera app), screen off gestures, and MaxxAudio (Find 7/7a only). This way you’ll be getting the speed, design, and quick updates you find with stock Android. While at the same time getting some of Oppo’s extra goodies.

Not only are they making this rom, but it won’t void your warranty if purchased from oppostyle.com or Amazon in Europe. The first device to receive this rom will be the Find 7 and it’ll be based off of Android 5.1. It’s currently in beta testing and is expected later this month. Next up will be the R5 and R5s phones. Android M is expected for early 2016 also starting with the Find 7.

All I can say is this is fantastic news. Oppo seems to be really listening to their customers, and realizes a one size fits all approach isn’t what they want. Seeing a company listen to the feedback of their customers like this really excites me, and makes me want to get an Oppo phone.

Source: http://community.oppo.com/en/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=42151